Our globally distributed software platform, is delivered through an on-demand product suite that consists of Rocket Yield and RTB Tools both of which work together to deliver best in class return on investment for our advertisers and publishers.

The success of our business model relies on our expertise in utilizing advanced algorithmic bidding decision logic and reporting techniques to drive our business intelligence tools. Through these machine driven methods our team of software developers and data analysts continuously train the product suite to autonomously make decisions that ultimately drive higher profitability for our business partners.

Our SAAS platform is offered as independent software modules or plugins that sit seamlessly inside existing advertising systems. Since our platform is built with scale in mind we have invested in a globally distributed infrastructure that relies on open source standards and is able to allow the software development community to build tools and services on top of our software stack.

Our public facing APIs are currently integrated into many Supply Side and Demand Side advertising platforms.

Video Yield: Our smart bidding platform drives millions of impressions daily on the mobile web and desktop environments that seamlessly connect brand advertisers and premium publishers. Our programmatic video platform consists of creative video ad units, cross device compatible ad server and yield management tools.

Rocket Yield: Our outstream mediation products maximizes revenue opportunities for publishers both large and small. The agile nature of the product removes headaches related to adops tasks a publisher typically spends countless hours on a daily basis. For the advertiser the system ensures quality connections with premium inventory that delivers high fill rates.

Data Yield: At our core as a Company we are an analytics and marketing automation technology company. Everything we do is meant to scale, self-optimize, eliminate human error and maximize profitability.

Measure Yield: We take advantage of the most advanced measurement tools currently available in the market to analyze and evaluate the quality of the traffic our advertisers buy through our systems. No one system is perfect, no one platform provides consistent measurements, therefore, we rely on triangulation algorithms to evaluate performance.

Business Intelligence: All our products allow our teams to evaluate performance holistically and optimize results to maximize profits. Our proprietary reporting and visualization tools enable our global team to harness the power of data to make near real time decisions that match the objectives of our clients.