We Create Markets in Media -- The Art of Programmatic Matchmaking

Our market making mechanisms bring efficiencies to a fragmented model. We create sufficient liquidity for publisher inventory to be aggregated and traded under single Deal IDs. We also take underwriting risk to create a market for our agency trading desk end points. Just as a locksmith keys each locks with a specific key we spend the time to create machine driven unique connections between our publishers and advertisers.


Growth of programmatic ad spend + Use of private marketplaces = Programmatic market making.


Our dedicated demand scoping team is focused on matching our agency clients programmatically to a curated set of publishers who are "filtered" along a number of dimensions including:

  1. Quality measurement metrics (using third party tools)
  2. View through rates (VTR)
  3. Viewability (V)
  4. Publisher categories (IAB)
  5. Geography

These curated publishers then become part of our marketplace transaction engine that allows us to aggregate Deal IDs through our omini-vision campaign management platform. Thereby, increasing spend throughput, enhancing pricing efficiency and still give publishers an opportunity to take advantage of header bidding environments. This approach allows our agency trading partners to aggregate scale with single Deal IDs, target audiences through DMPs, improve fill and shorten flight periods. A true end to end programmatic value chain.

Our demand scoping team carefully vets our publishers and bundles them into single Deal IDs and in turn "creates a market" specifically matching the attributes of the underlying publisher group. We have in-turn created a dynamic asset class for our media buyer that can be priced very efficiently. Advances in machine learning allow us to dynamically create these micro-markets that trade 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you are a publisher looking to disambiguate the media matching process and want full transparency into who is buying your media please contact us. Our platform agnostic approach will give you access to unmatched data on the what, when who of each impression we auction for you.